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Standing On Business: Brand Identity Guideline Template

Standing On Business: Brand Identity Guideline Template

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Download The Brand Identity Guideline will transform the way that you approach your business and the confidence you have when presenting it, making it tangible and empowering you to take the next real steps to making your vision a reality! Crafting a comprehensive brand strategy doesn't have to be daunting. With the Brand Identity Guidelines Framework, you get access to 27 fully customizable slide presentation template for Canva that guide you through the process. From entrepreneurs to designers, this template offers real text and a simple, clear process to help inspire your branding efforts. The 27 slides have been thoughtfully designed to make your presentation a success. Editable in Canva, this template is a valuable tool to help you create a clear and concise brand identity .
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- Canva Template
- 27 Layouts
- Dimensions: 1920x1080px
- Real Text Copy.
- Fully Editable
- Free Fonts
- Easy to use
- Drag and drop images
- Photos included, can be edited to fit your brand


- PDF with access to the Canva Template
1. Logo Usage Guidelines: Clear specifications on how the logo should be used, including size, color variations, and placement. This ensures consistency across different mediums.
2. Color Palette: Defined color schemes for various brand elements. This includes primary and secondary colors, as well as guidelines on when and how to use each color..
3. Typography: Guidelines for the fonts and typography styles that should be used in various contexts, such as headlines, body text, and other design elements.Small manifestation prompts designed to ease you into your abilities and introduce you to your hidden power.
4. Imagery and Photography: Criteria for selecting and using images that align with the brand's visual identity. This may include preferred styles, image types, and any restrictions on content.
5. Voice and Tone: Guidance on the appropriate voice and tone for written content copywritting. This ensures a consistent brand personality in all communication, whether it's formal, casual, or playful.
6. Mission, Vision, and Values: A concise statement of the brand's mission, vision, and values. This serves as a foundation for messaging and helps convey the brand's purpose.
7. Target Audience Persona: Detailed information about the target audience, including demographics, interests, and pain points. This helps in tailoring brand messaging to resonate with the intended audience.


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